FAR AWAY HOME, An Historical Novel of the American West:
 Aislynn's Story- Book I

has a new cover. In anticipation of the sequel, EMBRACE THE WIND,  an enhanced version of FAR AWAY HOME  was  published with an introduction to the new book.
For those of you who have read FAR AWAY HOME,  click the EMBRACE THE WIND button above and read the reviews and the first chapter.

I am very grateful and honored by the success of its first book. FAR AWAY HOME ranked #1 in western romance, #2 in ebook historicals and #3 in all historicals for 6 weeks in 2011 on Amazon.com. From 2011-2018, it remained among the top 100  in these categories.  Squidoo.com listed FAR AWAY HOME as a bestselling western for 2012 and 2013.
In 2011, the ebook was an Indiereader Self-Published Bestseller for 8 weeks and a "Staff Pick" on Ebookfriendly. The herculean task of crunching 2011 ebook numbers was completed by Piotr Kowalczyk of Ebookfriendly. FAR AWAY HOME was ranked in the top 100 ebook bestsellers for the months of August, September and October, 2011 reaching as high as #39! 

On August 18th, 2015 an audiobook of FAR AWAY HOME was released. Please check it out on Tantor-http://bit.ly/1E6V5Vh or Amazon- http://amzn.to/1EEVqsY

Thanks to all those who bought FAR AWAY HOME. I am honored by your support.

Escape into a memorable work of historical fiction that will make you believe no matter how many challenges fate sends your way, the human spirit can triumph.
In post-Civil War New York City, sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place to live and no family to help her. Some might think this is a problem; Aislynn believes it’s an opportunity, but she has a lot to learn. No formulaic romance, this love story depicts life as it truly was for the thousands of women who went west reaching for new opportunities. Aislynn’s journey begins in a New York City tenement and leads her across the frontier to a Utah mining camp where she must cope with the conflicting intentions of three very different men: smart, solicitous Tim, good-natured, good-guy Johnny and the intense but intriguing Liam Moran.  Life in the roughshod camp brings small joys and devastating losses. This novel races through authentic experiences involving historical events until it erupts in an unexpected ending.

What people are saying about Far Away Home:

"Far Away Home is an engaging, memorable love story. I thoroughly enjoyed it." Amy Goodman, award winning syndicated journalist, columnist and author
"An engrossing story set against the back drop of early America. A page turner of adventure, romance and  strong characters who stand up for themselves and their friends despite the costs." Geoff Woodland, author of ICE KING, an antislavery novel

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How to drive a covered wagon

While researching this book, I drove a covered wagon on the Overland Trail. Check out the video.